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“This Is Real Y’all,” Videos Show Bodies Are Loaded Onto Truck With Forklift In New York

Footage of dead bodies being loaded onto a truck by a forklift outside Brooklyn Hospital in New York has been escalated via social media platforms.

From that video, it is shown how hospitals struggling to handle bodies which they claimed from coronavirus infections.

“This is real, y’all, this is for real,” a man can be heard in the video saying as he films the forklift outside Brooklyn Hospital Center in Fort Greene.

“This is for real, this is real, this is right here in Brooklyn.”

Media reported, this video was posted to Facebook by Corey Teague, who told the Daily News it was provided to him by someone who did not wish to be identified.

Another video shared by a rapper, ICE T shows one unidentified person filming the ‘process’ on the sidewalk before they loaded the bodies into a trailer. It appears that video was taken by someone in the medical line who handling the procedure.

“Bodies, body, body.

“There’s a truck that we’re gonna put the bodies into, bro,” he said.

Sources:Daily News

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