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Travel Across The States To Work Must Obtain A Travel Permit From Employer – Minister of Defense

The Minister of Defense has announced that people who need to travel across the state must submit a travel permit from the police.

According to him, the orders contained in the Movement Control Order are still ongoing including trips across the state, but there is some flexibility.

“However, the police are informed that permission can be granted upon request if such a move is necessary.”

“When there is a death in the family, for example, an accident in the family or anyone having to seek treatment abroad or in their respective districts, this is allowed but must be reported to the police,” he said.

In the event of a police restriction, the individual must bring a permit while under police restraint, he said.

“For private employees, they need to obtain a travel permit through their employers.”

“Employers should submit their list of workers to the nearest police station so that they can be released during a police check on roadblocks,” he added.

Source: Live via RTM

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