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“We Accept It With Generous Soul,” Storm Sweeps One Family In Kedah

Picture via Khairani Othman

People in Malaysia and around the world are currently being tested with the spread of COVID-19. For this reason, all Malaysians are ordered to carry out the Movement Control Order (MCO) and are not allowed to leave unless they have an urgent matter. A family in Langgar, Kedah is tested in a violent storm that has destroyed most of their properties.

Through Khairani Othman‘s Facebook post, she posted several pictures showing the situation after a violent storm yesterday. Luckily, there are no lives lost.

“While the world was on the cusp of the COVID-19 outbreak, our family and I were given a little speculation and testing from Him. We accept it with a generous soul. Thankfully there is no soul accident but damage to world property. God willing to come to his wisdom. May this increase our devotion to all of us,” said Khairani.

Picture via Khairani Othman

Picture via Khairani Othman

Source: Khairani Othman

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