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Five Steps Planning Which Lighting Is Suitable, When Renovating or Building a Home

Lighting will make a big difference in how we feel and enjoy in our house. When we planned well, it will make us feel more secure and comfortable. In each renovation or development, electrical installation is almost inevitable to be changed and moved.

No matter the type of small, medium, or large, electricity is a key utility that determines safety and comfort house, especially when the house finished restored. Therefore, the development House must always pay attention to the planning mature in terms of lighting.

And because the lighting is the life of the living room. These are the 5 steps that you must follow.

First, you have to make a plan and start with identifying needs and listing what activities will take place in each room in the room. From these needs, you will know what types of decorative elements wall tiles, decorations, furniture, etc. You will place in each room, and how you will build its atmosphere through its light processing.

A dark-walled room, for example, will absorb light so that the room looks more serene, dim, tends to be gloomy. Conversely, bright-walled space will reflect light brighter than the original.

Textured objects on the wall will look dull when given minimal lighting but will look lively and dynamic when highlighted by the right light.

Second, anyone in the family will use the space and for what purpose. Someone in their 50’s or 60’s needs it the lighting 15 times brighter than children 10 or 15 years at the time of reading.

It is also important to arrange how long each family member will be active in each room because you will be able to arrange the types of lights that you will use to illuminate the room.

From the list of needs and activities, what decorative elements are in each room, who uses them, how long the activity will last, you will know what type of lights you will use for each room.


Third, be aware of the different types of lighting for the lighting made in house. The illumination of different types of lighting houses has many versions but generally grouped into three categories.

Some use divisions as follows: general lighting, decorative lighting, and task lighting; there are also groupings made like this: ambient/background lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

Simply put, general lighting is a lamp for general use, whose function is to replace lighting from sunlight during the day. Task lighting is designed to illuminate certain activities such as reading, working at a computer, watching TV, embroidering, playing, or studying children.

While accent lighting or decorative lighting is a lamp that is used to illuminate a particular spot or object so that it gives a strong accent or decorative elements such as paintings, ornaments, textures, or artwork in the room become more lively, more dramatic, more dynamic.

Fourth is determining the right points to place the lights and the installation path. In determining this point, always consider safety and safety factors as priorities, and then efficiency and costs are the next priority.

Fifth, you need to explore and find references about the various shapes and models of lamps that are affordable by the bag, and then choose a lamp model that is in harmony with the style of the room you have or are about to build.

Five types of planning the lighting will make the house we are much more comfortable than just designing the lighting in general, or even did not plan at all.


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