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(Video) “It’s A Bit Painful But Worth It,” Ummi Nazeera Shares Covid-19 Drive Thru Test

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, this COVID-19 test cannot be taken lightly by the public. It is recommended that people test if they are concerned or suspect they may be exposed to the virus. Especially for those who have been overseas.

Various recommendations and ways for the community have been made by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) for the test.

It was also suggested by actress Ummi Nazeera to take the test on her Instagram page. Through his post, it was seen that Ummi Nazeera also did the test even though it was just a drive-thru.

“Although the KKM ordered quarantine only. If there is money for travel, what’s wrong with spending a little more money to do this confirmation test. It’s not difficult,” she said.

“Ummi go for the Drive-Thru. It’s a bit painful. But worth it. Don’t be scared. It will be just for a moment. Not more than 10 minutes.

Through the post, Ummi also urged everyone to cooperate with MOH in handling the virus. This is because the resulting test will be updated to KKM. “To travelers who don’t want to do it, I highly recommend Quarantine 14 Days at home and BE HONEST when it comes to seeing health staff. Stay safe everyone,” said Ummi Nazeera.

Source: Ummi Nazeera

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