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What Is It Like Being A Teenager In 2020 During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Since the pandemic started, we all can see how it has changed the world drastically. Started around March, COVID-19 has killed more than one million people till now, getting people losing their job, separating people from their loved ones, and many more. Living in this unexpected era really be challenging for everyone, but the challenges are different for every stage of age. Here we are focusing on what is it like to be a teenager in 2020 during a pandemic.

COVID-19 has shutdowns schools since it’s started. Students now are forced to have classes online through apps such as ‘Zoom’ and many more. The problem with this method is some of the students weren’t born from a wealthy family which has a good speed of the internet can be a serious issue for them. Also, online lessons are not really effective as face to face learning. Some students find it hard to focus on online classes as not having a good environment with a small size house where the family live and can be very distracting.

The lockdown rule bans teenagers from hanging out with their friends. Teenagers tend to spend their time and share their feelings with their friends as they believe friends are the ones who understand them, not seeing them and talk to them verbally has brought them into depression. Also, teenagers who live far away from their parents also affected. These are those who live in hostels in college.

Adults are not the only ones who are facing job problems. Teens who have a part-time job also were forced to quit as employers can’t afford to pay them and preferred to have full-time workers. According to BBC News,a student who has a part-time job to save money cannot do it because he has lost his job.

In short, teenagers are really suffering throughout the pandemic as they are still trying to adapt to the situation. Parents also have to play a role in helping their child to cope with COVID-19 as it can damage them mentally.

Source: NCBI, BBC News

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