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Willing To Deliver Package For Those In Needs, Ebit Liew Compliments The Delivery Riders

Picture via Ustaz Ebit Lew

Working as a food deliveryman is a challenging job especially when facing the COVID-19 outbreak at this time. Not only that, but those who work as food delivery are also willing to cope with uncertain weather in search of sustenance.

However, it also does not prevent them from doing charity work, especially at this time. Recently, it went viral on Twitter about a video by Pesan Ebit Lew which now has more than 3k retweets and 5k likes. Additionally, the video also can be found on the Ebit Lew Facebook page.

Interestingly, it can be seen that many food delivery people want to do charity work. “I asked who would do charity work. Most of them are ready to deliver food to those in need. All these young people are great,” said Ebit Lew.

“Today 25 people are sending food supplies to the door of the house. Rice and other groceries. 20 motors and 3 cars. I pay for their motor oil every day. Even if they just want to do charity. The names of thousands need help. Please pray…”

“Thank God Allah Ar Razak provides sustenance. Great all these young people. Send food here and there. They sound happy. Listen to their experience finding the assigned names and those in need. Many greet me. Some are feel touched by the fast donation they get. They said they couldn’t get any help yet. The food at home already finished.”

There are 30 OKU we meet who need help right now. They get their rice and groceries, they cry with joy. I saw pictures and their messages, they were crying. 1500 more names list around KL that still need help.”

“I pray that all the young people who work for restaurants or as car drivers or lorry and Grab out there. Allah blesses their sustenance and takes care of them all,” he added.

Source: Twitter, Facebook

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