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Don’t Hold These Four Bodily Functions, Just Let It Out And Let It Go

Humans are organic beings who live on this earth. what is meant here is that to survive, cells in the human body undergo chemical reactions for a lifetime. These chemical reactions maintain the body’s function.

As with any other chemical reaction, each of these reactions will produce other substances that may not be as attractive. For example, digestion will produce less favorable gas that will be released in the right place.

Sometimes we are in a meeting where we are in the presence or presence of important people and do not want the atmosphere to be disgusting and awkward. But, you know, there are some body functions that you should never stop.

1. Sneeze
For most people, this cleanliness is a minor thing. On average, a human sneeze is released at 40 miles per hour. Some of us hold back from sneezing because we don’t want to mess around, especially at important meetings.

You know, the act is a pretty serious risk. A doctor shared that there were cases where the patient’s throat became leaky sneezing because the pressure from sneezing is strong enough to break your respiratory tract.

Although such incidents are relatively rare, there are risks involved. Don’t hold back your sneezing, but don’t forget to cover your mouth and nose with cloth or tissue.

2. Urine.
Sometimes holding urine is necessary, for example, if you get stuck in traffic, but remember to keep going for it when you have the opportunity.

The accumulation of fluid in the body from drinks and food causes you to want to urinate.

Holding water for a long time can weaken the bladder muscles. Also, the worse effect is that the bile ducts accumulate in your urinary tract and cause germs infections. The risk of developing kidney related diseases is also increasing.

3. Resist to release defecate

The longer we hold back from throwing away, the more water will be absorbed out of our impurities. This increases the risk of constipation and hemorrhoids.

4. Farting
These gases are the result of not responding to our body’s chemicals either in digesting food or other bodily functions.

There is no extreme effect if we hold on to this gas production.


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