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Insomnia? Avoid These Six Foods Before Bed

Some of them practice good sleep or hygiene. It refers to the practices and habits practiced to obtain a good night’s sleep. But in maintaining a good level of hygiene, there is one practice that can affect your quality of sleep, which is your dietary habits.

We all know that nutrition is important in everyday life. It provides the energy to do daily tasks, strengthen the immune system, improve cognitive function, and more.

However, we often neglect our eating habits before going to bed. Does it matter? Of course, it’s one important thing. It helps to get better and better sleep.

But what kind of food you should be avoided before going to bed. Here are 6 types of food you should avoid.

1. Spicy food

Spicy food might not be interesting for some people, but for spicy lover is their favorite. The thing you should notice is to be careful when eating it at night. Strong spices often cause heartburn and interfere with digestion. Precisely both of them will make your sleep would not be sound.

2. Alcohol

Drinking a glass of red wine before going to sleep might be a habit for some people. Although alcohol can help some people fall asleep, research shows that alcohol actually makes you sleepless. Alcoholic drinks make you not sleep well every night and can make you wake up from your sleep.

4. Coffee

Everyone has a different dose of caffeine. In some people, it is OK to drink a few cups of coffee without disturbing his sleep, but in some people, drinking a little can keep him awake all night. If you are sensitive to caffeine, do not drink coffee at least six hours before you sleep.

4. Chocolate

Although consuming dark chocolate is fine to eat at night, the fact is that dark chocolate also contains caffeine. Try to enjoy sweet snacks a few hours before bedtime. Because food or drinks that contain caffeine will act as a stimulant to prevent deep sleep.

5. Soda

Soda contains a lot of sugar and empty calories. When you drink it at night and go to sleep immediately, your digestion will slow down. This makes your body store more calories. In fact, soda will also make your stomach bloated.

6. Orange

Citrus fruits are a natural diuretic, which means they will make it easy to urinate. Not comfortable not when you are sound asleep, you want to go to the toilet? don’t forget to Bela, holding urine can result in kidney stones for you.


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