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Stunt Goes Wrong For A Man On His Birthday, Crashed Into A Glass Panel Surrounding The Pool

Picture: Mirror UK

Sometimes, people that are celebrating a birthday will do many crazy things. Although it is on their birthday, those crazy things must be taken extra careful before been done or else something bad will happen.

Take an example from this Russian man named Dimitry Prigorodov that does crazy things on his 30th birthday.  On his birthday, Dimitry wants to do a big stunt to impress his guests. But, things did not go as he planned.

Before that, Dimitry that worked as a banker in Russia has rented a cottage for the weekend to celebrate his birthday with friends and families.

Picture: Mirror UK

He decided to take a big stunt where he will jump through the upstairs viewing area and into the pool. However, the stunt has failed after Dimitry crashed into the glass panel that surrounding the pool and shattering it into the water.

Picture: Mirror UK

Although he is injured, Dimitry said that he does not regret doing the stunt.

“It was my birthday and I rented a cottage to celebrate. We were celebrating and drinking alcohol. It seemed to us that we could try and jump in principle,” he said.

According to Mirror UK, Dimitry managed to get away without a hefty fine from the cottage rental company for damage, due to ‘incorrect drafting of the contract’ at the point of rental.

Source: Mirror UK

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