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Japan City Aims To Ban Phone Use While Walking

Picture: Google

Using a phone while walking is a dangerous situation that can cause a collision and also might be accidents. Because of that, one city in Japan wants to ban the use of phones while walking.

It is believed that officials in Yamato city, near Tokyo, Japan has requested the city assembly to ban people from using their phones while walking.

“The number of people using smartphones has rapidly increased and so have the number of accidents in the densely populated area,” said one of the city officials, Masaaki Yasumi.

Masaaki also said that they want to prevent accidents and if the request was approved, it will the first ban that happen in Japan.

But according to him, there will be no punishments for people that unable to look away from their phone in the street.

“We hope the ban will raise more awareness about the dangers,” he said.

As stated by The Jakarta Post, posters and messages will inform citizens of the rule. It was expected to take effect starting next month.

In Japan, the number of accidents between people using phones while riding a bicycle and pedestrians is increasing.

There are some cases that the victim’s family demands up to 100 million yen (RM3,987,559.17) for compensation.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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