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Low-Cost Cosplay Guy Strikes Us Again With Seven New Cheap Costumes

Anucha ‘Cha’ Saengchart, 30, runs Facebook page Lowcostcosplay out of his home in Bangkok.  He has over 5 million followers for his low-budget recreations of popular characters from films and TV.

Anucha also encourages other people to send in images of their own failed cosplay attempts which prove just as popular with his fans and here are the seven cosplay actions that have become an internet sensation.

1.Billie Eilish From The Palm Tree

Last February, Billie Eilish was the cover of Vogue magazine. With his trademark green hair, he poses cupped hands and puts his chin on both hands. This pose was followed by Cha with very minimal capital namely a palm tree and a shoulder-length wig.

By placing palm fronds on the head and broad fronds on his arms, he can turn into Billie Eilish with his effort.

2. Become Jo Yi Seo in Itaewon Class from Pocky

Recently, Kim Dami won the Best Actress award at the 56th Baeksang Awards 2020. Following the current trend, Cha also reposted his cosplay photos. 

He used to recreate cosplay to Jo Jo Seo of Itaewon Class using Pocky chocolate. It makes the stems unaffected by the brown hair.

3. Banana wigs to become Sailor Moon

One of the famous cartoon characters of the ’90s is Sailor Moon. With yellow hair and bangs split in two, he was present and clung to the memories of his young audience.

This cosplayer from Bangkok is also trying to be Sailor Moon with a very simple capital that is using a banana.

4. With an orange sock and blanket, it becomes a shrimp tempura

Not only cartoon characters or artists, but Cha is also can be shrimp tempura.

5. Blue Super Sonic with a blue rafia strap

One more hilarious action that is cosplay becomes a character in the game, Sonic. Where Sonic comes with a majority body in blue.

With blue raffia rope made like a feather using a fork, he posed as Sonic. 

6. Wrap apples and flashlights to become Spiderman

Cha was interviewed and said that what was needed to become a cosplayer was ideas and high creativity. This is true.

Because by using a flashlight and an apple wrapper net, he turns Spiderman.


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