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‘Panda’ On A Leash That Was Seen In China Was Actually A Dog Named Mei Niu

Picture: DailyMail

Before this, a video showing a panda on a leash and crossing a street in China has gone viral on the internet. The video that was recorded on June 6 in the city of Leshan, China shows a woman walking with a ‘panda’ that was leashed and crossing a street.

Picture: DailyMail

Picture: DailyMail

But the truth is, the ‘panda’ was actually a dog that was dyed with black and white color by the owner to make it looks like a panda.

Picture: DailyMail

According to the owner Yan Yan, said that his dog really looked like the wild animals  So, he decided to dye his dog resemble the panda even more.

Yan Yan also said that he uses natural coloring towards his dog, named Mei Niu which means ‘Pretty Girl’. He made the coloring by combining plants in a bowl with water and stated that the mixing was harmless to Mei Niu.

Source: Daily Mail

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