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Scientists Now Discover Making Food Out Of Thin Air

The proverb ‘makan angin’ refers to the purpose of sightseeing, and now it can mean something different when a group of scientists successfully creates food from the air.

Scientists from Finland are discovering unique foods that are predicted to be a future food trend. It’s not made from food, it’s made from air.

The production of food made from the air is based on declining agricultural land, as there are functional changes that turn into buildings such as buildings or housing.

Seeing this phenomenon, a group of Finland scientists called Solar Foods created a futuristic food prototype made of air and electricity.

The food is called Solein which is a protein that looks like wheat powder. Solein is made from a scientific process, which uses electricity to produce carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Then from the process is put into the final product to be consumed later, such as alcoholic beverages. The results of the fermentation will then be processed into Solein.

In Solein there is 50% protein content which is good for the body’s nutritional needs. Solein can be used for a wide variety of foods and it can also be printed in many forms.

“Agriculture-free food creates incredible opportunities to save humanity and the planet,” Dr. Pasi Vainikka, Executive Chairman of Solar Foods.

Next, Dr. Pasi Vainikka says that by temporarily switching to a vegetable diet, it helps to save time in saving species and places.

Even single-handed food is said to be 10 times more efficient than ordinary or agricultural produce. Besides, solein is also environmentally friendly compared to other types of food.

Sources: The Guardian

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