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(Video) Turns Sour Things Sweet, This Is The Miracle Berry Could Replace Sugar

Sweetness is a stimulant in the tongue that is highly favored by humans. We will also avoid foods that are sour. Do you believe that there is a magical fruit that can deceive our senses and turn sour taste into sweet? Called ‘miracle berry’, this fruit comes from West Africa.

Originally this fruit was not allowed to be added to food, not because it was not good for health, but simply because of its unique effect on the human tongue.

However, these berries have a revival in the eyes of humans and increase their popularity especially for those who are excited by the magic of this fruit. The taste itself is not so exciting, but it is the impression that gives a thousand mysteries to the human mind that attracts.

Today, there are many companies that process these berries and sell them in tablet form for easy consumption.

Don’t believe in this miracle magic? Let’s see how it works.

Sources: Food Facts, Britannica

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