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Provide Good Fats, These Are 6 Health Benefits of Eating Boiled Egg

One of the breakfast menus that we consume in our lives most of that is eggs. In addition to having a taste that tends to be delicious, health experts tell eggs are high in nutrients that are good for health. We are often enjoy fried egg preparations.

In fact, boiled eggs are equally delicious and more healthy.

The Benefits of a Regular Boiled Egg Breakfast

Boiled eggs tend to be easy and practical to process. Just simply boil the eggs in hot water for a few minutes without the need to add any seasonings, we can get good food for consumption.

Here are the various health benefits of the hobby of boiled egg breakfast.

1.Can accelerate the body’s metabolic system

In boiled eggs, there is a high amino acid content. This content can actually make the body metabolize protein more optimally. The impact is not only good for the condition of our muscles and nerves but also will support the body’s metabolic system to run faster.

In fact, in the egg, there is also high protein content. Not only supports the metabolic system, but this will also make the body’s energy intake increase. In addition, in the egg, there are also fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids that will help reduce blood cholesterol. This means that the health of cardiovascular organs will be maintained.

2.Tends to be low in calories

Eggs are often considered as suitable food to be used as a diet program. This is caused by low-calorie content. For example, we will only consume 78 calories for each medium-sized egg. If we eat two eggs, then we can feel full faster. This feeling of fullness will also last for a longer time.

This certainly can prevent eating habits with excessive portions or the desire to snack on unhealthy foods. The diet program can run smoothly.

3. Good for High Cholesterol

Many people are afraid to eat eggs because they are considered dangerous to the body’s cholesterol condition. In fact, in reality, eggs are actually good for cholesterol conditions.

People with high cholesterol are even strongly advised to routinely consume boiled eggs every day to maintain their body condition.

4.Eyesight sharper

Foods that are good for vision are not just eggs or supplements. If we diligently eat eggs, the condition of our eyes will be much healthier. This is caused by the presence of antioxidants in the form of lutein and zeaxanthin.

The existence of this essential antioxidant will make the eyes healthier and provide protection from exposure to UV rays that are less healthy. Routine consumption of eggs can also reduce the risk of cataracts.

5.Can prevent flatulence

Flatulence is one of the health problems that we experience quite often. Although included in mild digestive disorders, in reality, flatulence can be very troublesome and disrupt daily activities. Luckily, health experts call boiled eggs can help prevent it.

6.Good for brain

Eating eggs have been proven to support brain health. This is caused by the presence of vitamins and minerals in it which can support the function of brain cells, memory function, nerve function, and metabolism in the brain.

Seeing the many health benefits of boiled eggs, there’s no harm in consuming it regularly every day at breakfast.

Sources: Doktor sehat

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