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Water Is Cheap And Healthy, But Why Do People Hate Drinking It?

“I don’t like water. What can I do to get over this? I don’t want to be sick.”

Drinking water is key to optimal health and is essential. Your body is about 60 to 70 percent water, and water helps provide a balance of body fluids, keeps your skin looking healthy, assists your kidney health, and helps maintain normal bowel function.

According to Natalie Newell, a registered dietitian, “No single person is the same, so it’s important to pay attention to your daily hydration needs. A great way to pay attention to your hydration level is to pay attention to your thirst level and urine output and color.”

But why do they hate drinking water?

1. Addicted to sugar

People who are addicted to sugar will find sweet foods and drinks rather than water. The taste of people who used to drink sweet water reacts positively to sweet foods and drinks. If you can’t drink the water right away you can try mixing it with lemon or ginger slices or mixing with fresh fruits to avoid feeling weird.

2. Bloating after drink a glass of water 

Why a person does not like to drink water because when he drinks too much his stomach will get bloated. It is because of the wrong way of drinking. An empty stomach should drink a glass or two of water. Similarly, after eating and drinking water, the stomach must be bloated.

3. Taste of water is strange and not refreshing

If you do not like water because it tastes weird or not refreshing. While drinking water may vary, water should not be too sharp or bitter. If the taste of water is too sharp it may be due to pollution, excessive chemical additions, or altered pH balance.

Sources: Hellosehat

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