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5 Famous Icon Doppelgangers That Will Blow Your Mind

Your face is one of your most unique features and is usually what people remember you for. With more than 7 billion people inhabiting our planet, it may not seem so unlikely that someone out there could resemble you.

But that uniqueness may not be entirely true as the probability of your “twin” walking around is higher than you might expect!

There is a very popular opinion saying all over the world,  who are said they were like two peas in a pod-like resembles our faces. The chances of us finding an individual similar to the face of another individual are actually quite high as well- let alone involving well-known such as world leaders.

Here are five common individuals whose name rise to be mentioned by the public, as they resemble the twins of the world leader.

1.Ilham Anas- Barrack Obama

Indonesian Obama Impersonator, Barack Obama Double, Obama Look a Like - YouTube

Barrack Obama as President of the United States, Ilham Anas began to open the door to his fortune. An Indonesian man, his face remble to Obama,  he also accepts a various offer for Ilham to participate in events where his ‘talents’ is needed.

His popularity helped Ilham be given the opportunity to give a speech at one of Greenpeace events in Thailand, to become an advertising model around the world as well as to sign a contract with a talent management company in Shenzhen, China.

2.Luo Yuanpin-Vladimir Putin

China Has Its Own Putin! - English Russia

Luo Yuanpin’s face resembles Russian President Vladimir Putin was discovered in 2011. Yuanpin, a farmer living in the hinterland of Anhui, has a face that does not overlap with Putin even though they both clearly come from different ethnicities.

The uniqueness of Yuanpin is not only because he has a face similar to Putin but also has the same bluish eyes as Putin and a similar height of 5 feet 8 inches.

3. Liu Keqing-Xi Jinping

Chinese opera singer, 63, is censored on social media because he looks too much like President Xi | Daily Mail Online

Of all the similar face owners, Liu Keqing is among the least fortunate. His face similar to Chinese President Xi Jinping caused his Tik-Tok video account to be frozen and its contents deleted.

This is because the law in China does not allow the use of the leader’s face in social media uploads and Keqing faces difficulties, due to his own face.

Keqing likes to upload videos to teach people singing exercises through Tik-Tok or Douyin, for consumers in China.

An experienced opera singer with a baritone voice, Keqing who now lives in Berlin, Germany admits his account has been discarded 3 times by Tik-Tok operators due to problems in violating usage guidelines.

4. Howard X- Kim Jong -Un

Video: Fake Kim Jong Un turns up in Singapore ahead of US-North Korea summit | World – Gulf News

A Hong Kong citizen, Howard initially chose to turn himself into Kim jong-un, the famous President of North Korea due to the upcoming ‘April Fool’ celebration.

His video styled himself as Jong-un contagious until an offer began to appear, for him to be Jong-un in a fast food restaurant advertisement.

From there Howard saw the opportunity for him to make that open door a source of permanent income.

The real meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un is scheduled to take place on February 27 and 28 in Hanoi, Vietnam is considered a great opportunity to popularize himself.

Howard came there to try to enliven the atmosphere but was detained by Vietnamese authorities before being sent out-on visa issues.

5. Dolores Leis Antelo – Donald Trump


Many have had to change their appearance to become Donald Trump. But for Dolores Leis Antelo, her natural appearance is already similar to Donald Trump without having to change it again.

Dolores discovery actually happened by accident after reporters in Galicia, Spain came to the area to report on agricultural activities there.

One of the media officers took a picture of Dolores standing while holding a hoe.


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