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Music-Enhancing Face Mask Provide Better Musical Experience in Orchestra

In the pandemic, there are people who can come out with brilliant ideas. Pandemic does not restrict us to think something beyond the boundaries of our mind.

Listening to the orchestra in the large hall can be quite challenging for some people. You have to give all your ears to listen to the composition and not missing a note.

A Hungarian orchestra conductor found the idea of combining wearing a face mask with enhancing music quality to concertgoers. Ivan Fischer, an orchestra conductor invented the music-enhancing face mask when he saw people wearing face masks around Budapest.

The face mask that was invented by Fischer has two plastic cups shaped of life-size palms and they were attached to the strings of the mask. He got the idea as if we are putting our palms around our ears. This face mask allows concertgoers to enjoy music much more clearly and beautifully.

Fischer, who is also the chief of the Budapest Festival Orchestra said that the face mask can emulate the sounds to warmer and clearer undertones. An audience of the orchestra said it helps to focus on the music more and the sound was “clearly better.”

The acoustic face mask now is on sale and can be ordered through the orchestra’s website. It costs US$27 each and comes in glittery and, black and white versions.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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