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Sultan of Selangor Buys Khalid Jamlus’ Golden Boot

Picture Selangor Royal Official

The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah agreed to buy the Golden Boot award owned by the former national football player, Khalid Jamlus, at a value agreed by both parties.

The statement was posted on Facebook by Selangor Royal Official. In the same statement, a brief handover ceremony took place at Istana Alam Shah, Klang today.

Picture: Selangor Royal Official

It is said that the Golden Boot award won by Khalid Jamlus in 2002 will be placed at the Selangor Football Gallery Museum located in the courtyard of Istana Alam Shah as desired by His Royal Highness

Previously, the former striker who had played for Selangor in the 2005-2006 season put a price of RM10,500 through direct bids on his Facebook account. The bid came after he was unemployed for three years and his contract as assistant coach of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) was not extended.[0]=68.ARCDbv8Rlvl-OK2rnMUCuzFRfd0eB5KDX0nTcHqsIauX3Ue0mvq5RKKsduwfyAZgFT8Cdjiu0d7dB-HIfZj-ZU1yqCmpABXkK0H7ccGZZJJKjKG-Jxg68Z6Fzu_Spc1jpWc4SS8l4cbJWg1Ua_Ih97otBlPcmJw2bmWZS3zXgOQuYnaZrRQu3QUMcDhtdJSi4qc3-LHOcZZCnoOBZHyQ9HtcKMhO2UEgWeoVos0eobVCgTam0-ikDm68QD4kiU-hNwSzsu121Wl5UA52touNiGRH7Qef172f6zfHaKspyHBEIleqTE13HUFpybVN_xM3CuDCefPnM3N9z2WV3noT4vM&__tn__=-R

Source: Selangor Royal Official

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