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60-Year Old Man Posted Video Doing Push Ups on LinkedIn For Job Searching

Many people have been affected by the pandemic that hits the whole world. The pandemic has affecting various industries in the world. Thus, making some people lose their jobs while some are trying to make the ends meet.

Searching for new jobs could be hard during this situation. Some people have to try a new way to attract employers to recruit them for jobs.

This leads to a 60-year old man to post a video of him doing push-ups on LinkedIn, a portal for job searching. He decided to post the video of him to show that he is capable of doing work even though his age doesn’t look so convincing.

Paul Mark has lost his job due to the pandemic in April. Previously, he was a chief operating officer, managing partner, and an operations director. He has been in the retail industry for more than 40 years and has worked in Dubai, India, and Spain.

He doesn’t want to seem incapable by employers when looking at his age. He said that he is not the ordinary 60-year old man who sits around drinking tea or watching sports all day. In the video, he introduces himself and says he did 40 to 50 push-ups every day and run 30 km a week.

Mark said that the idea came after he decided to challenge himself for doing 60 push-ups and run 60 km by his 60th birthday. He hopes that the employers will value his 40 years of experience to give him a position at any level in retail management.


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