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A Monument For The COVID-19 Victim Was Built In Rio de Janeiro

Picture: Associated Press/Google

A monument was erected to commemorate the victims of COVID-19 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Infinity Memorial was built on the site where most of the victims were buried in the city.

The 39-meter-long, 3-ton corrugated iron monument was built as a tribute to those who have died due to the virus.

The monument is also a symbol of loss for families in one of the most affected cities due to COVID-19 in the country.

This memorial was produced by architect Crisa Santos who came up with the idea of building the artwork after visiting several cemeteries in Brazil.

To date, Rio de Janeiro has recorded over 250,000 COVID-19 cases and around 17,600 deaths. Brazil, on the other hand, recorded a total of more than 4.5 million cases and nearly 137,000 deaths.

Source: Associated Press

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