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9-Year-Old Chinese Boy Spends 17 Years Chasing His Father’s Killer

Recently, reported in China the story of a young boy, who after witnessing his father’s murder at hands of a neighbor at the time he was 9-year-old. The young boy then decided to spend his next 17 years trying to catch the culprit.

On August 9, 2000, Xiang Mingqian wishes he had never thrown that stone that eventually got his father killed. He was 9-year-old, playing with his neighbor, Zhang Jun in a ditch, by the side of an old road in Changba Town, Zhenxiong County. It said that he had thrown a stone into a puddle in which the splash then hit Xiang Mingqian. Mingqian then decided to throw a bigger stone in the water to return the favor. For both of them, they were just playing, but the quarrel that erupted between the two boys would eventually involve both boys’ families in a tragic death.

Later then, Xiang Mingqian and Zhang Jun got into a fight, the latter called his grandmother and she started pushing Xiang around a bit. The racket was overheard by Xiang’s older sister who lived nearby and came out to see what was happening. Xiang’s sister, Xiang Mingxiang ended up being beaten by Jun’s family. She then told her husband what had happened.

Xiang’s parents were away to buy a new television set when the fight was happening. When they came home, the boy didn’t tell them anything but her sister then quickly told her father about it and her husband had gone to Zhang Jun’s house to demand an explanation for her bruises. The boy’s father, Xiang Wenzhi then grabbed a flashlight and put his coat and went to help his son-in-law.

Xiang mingqian said he still remembers seeing his father go into Zhang’s house. He told that after a few minutes later the light bulb going off. He then heard his father’s screams as he was stabbed several times by several Zhang family members. The father then was rushed to the hospital with wounds were too serve, and doctors could do nothing to save him.

Police were notified about the killing but showed up at the scene of the crime the next morning. Subjects were called in for questioning but made no arrests, and Zhang Mouqui, who had landed the killing blows, used this opportunity to escape. After a few months, the police then dropped the case as they could no longer locate the main suspect.

Xiang Mingqian’s life took a turn for the worse, as there was no one to support the family anymore. He started selling noodles to help the family. He then dropped out of school to dedicate his life to catching his father’s killer.

Mingqian’s mother was too busy providing for them, his older brother was afraid to catch a dangerous man, and his sister had her own family to worry about. There was no one else except him, so he went to the local police station asking for information about Zhang Moqui. In order to make the hunt easier, the family moved from Changba Town to the county capital when the boy was only 10-year-old.

Years went by but he never gave up, and in 2007, he received the first of three important tip-offs. The information said a man who fit Zhang Mouqui’s description had been seen riding a motorcycle at Kunming Railway Station. Even with the information, he didn’t find anything useful.

Xiang then received another information in 2013that Zhang might be hiding at an industrial park in Jinjiang, Fujian province. Once again, he traveled there, stayed for six months, and came out with empty-handed. Once again received information, packed his bags, and went to Nan’an City, Fujian Province.

It said the killer worked at a tableware factory on the outskirts of Nan’an City. Rented a car, asked around for information about the Zhang or the factory. he spent three days watching the entrance to the tableware factory, and for the third day, after 17 long years, he finally saw Zhang Mouqui again.

He had been carrying a photo of the killer around with his since 2000, and Zhang didn’t change much, just a little bit older. Xiang didn’t just pounce on the man that had ruined his life; instead, he asked around about him and learned that he had hanged his name to Shao Liang, met a woman, married her, and had a child.

He had gathered all the evidence including the coat his father was wearing on the night of his death. Xiang went to the police to finally turn the man in, but the police told him they had no record of a Zhang Mouqi. he later found out that back in Changba Town, authorities had erased zhang record in 2015, as his family had not heard from him in over a decade and a half. Xiang then contacted the relevant authorities and, based on his evidence, managed to obtain a warrant for Morqui’s arrest.

October 10, 2018, the Intermediate People’s Court of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, found Zhang Mouqui is guilty of Xiang Wenzhi’s death and sentenced him to life in prison and the deprivation of political rights. Mingqian had finally done what he had set out to do after his father’s death after 17 years and 4 days.

Xiang Mingqian, ready to start living his life at 26-years-old. He has a girlfriend, but because of a lack of time and money, he never thought to get married. He believes that this is the time he takes the idea seriously.

Source: Oddity Central

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