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A Boy Accused For Killing 10 Years Old Girl Who Beat Him Repeatedly In Online Games

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An 11 years old boy was accused and has been arrested for murdering a 10 years old girl from his neighborhood. It is said that the incident happened at the Lasudia area of Indore in Madhya Pradesh on Monday.

Before the incident occurred, the little girl left her home during the afternoon to pluck some flowers. But then, her family started looking for her after she did not return for a long time.

After doing some search, they finally found her body with her head crushed with a stone near their house.

Based on the CCTV nearby and statements of some witnesses, the police arrested a boy who was hiding in his bathroom after the crime. The 11 years old boy then admitted to committing the crime.

It is said that the boy held a grudge against the victim as she often beat him in games played on mobile phones.

The boy along with the victim and her 9 years old brother usually playing one of the popular shooting games on mobile phones and she always beat him.

But, as reported by police, the real reason for the incident was the death of the boy’s pet white rat. He told police that he suspected the girl had killed his pet rat after an argument.

Although the girl denied it many times, he refused to believe it. On Monday, he confronted the girl again when she was alone and the tragic incident happened.

According to the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) HC Mishra, the boy will be sent to a child correctional home after the casework is completed.

Source: ANI, India Times

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