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Akshay Kumar Reveals He Drinks Cow Urine Daily

Most Hindus believe cows are sacred animals and drink their urine it is an advantage to human health. If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, surely you are quite familiar with the actor named Akshay Kumar.

Recently, Akshay Kumar shares his health tips by drinking cow urine every day. It is understood that he also follows some of the practices of Indians who believe that cow urine has many health benefits including fighting COVID-19.

Akshay Kumar started sharing about his practice while appearing in the Bear Grylls show where they drank tea made from elephant feces. He commented that he had no problem trying it because he was used to drinking cow urine for ayurvedic purposes.

Besides that, the Indian government has allocated millions of dollars for research on animal waste-based products to treat diseases such as diabetes and cancer. However, there is no comprehensive scientific evidence supporting the nutrients found in cow urine.

Not only that, but the government in India has also set up a special ministry for Ayurveda and yoga in an effort to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. To date, it is reported that 4.6 million individuals have been infected with the COVID-19 epidemic and have caused 76,000 deaths.


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