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74 Anti-Lockdown Protesters Arrested By Melbourne Police

Lockdown has been something to normalize nowadays because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This action is a really need to be done action so that the curve of Covid-19 infection could bend an eventually stop this dangerous virus from spreading throughout the world. The most important thing to be done would be everyone to cooperate and abide by the announcement of the lockdown so that it would bring benefits for everyone. The situation becomes otherwise in Melbourne, Australia where some of them do not want to be in lockdown and made a protest about it.

A number of more than 70 citizens of Melbourne, Australia got arrested because of the action of flouting the state’s stay-at-home orders just to attend an anti-lockdown protest. This irresponsible action that they have made may increase even greater infection of the Covid-19 Virus and make the situation worse. A huge crowd of around 250 people went to the illegal protest that is actually the second one this weekend. The police said, “many protesters were aggressive and threatened violence towards officers”.

The demonstrations finally come to the state as the state of Victoria prepares to close its lockdown restrictions soon, which have been in place since early July. If the protesters have been clever enough to wait a little while more and be patient, the lockdown situation there would never get worse than it is already. The lockdown has commenced because Victoria has been the epicenter of Australia’s Covid-19 outbreak, accounting for 75% of positive cases and also 90% of unfortunate deaths.
Sadly, the state of Victoria has extended a state of disaster for another whole month. This chance give the police extra powers to enforce public health orders in the state area. Victoria’s State Parliament building has also been forced to be closed “until further notice” This sad news occurred after a security guard tested positive for the virus. Based on the statistic, Australia has had a total of 26,600 confirmed cases and more than 800 deaths from the virus.
Sources: BBC News.
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