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Bay Area In California Looks Terrifyingly Red Due To Wildfires

Recently, the state of California caught up with a huge fire that wipes out almost everything there. Such a minimal area that is able to be saved. Specifically in the Bay Area of California, the scenery of the place really straight outlook likes the planet of Mars. The situation there looks very orange and a bit of red in color. The devastating scenery blanketed the area of San Francisco, Oakland, and also Berkeley.

The CNN meteorologist named Judson Jones said that “When the smoke and ash get even thicker close to the wildfires, it can cut the sunlight out completely, making it look like the dead of night”.

Because of that, many residents decided to turn their lights on so that they can have a better view. The fire makes it looks like a rust-colored sky that made it look like absolute nighttime. The situation gets worse when the winds carry the wildfire smoke from afar to every place. Both the places that are Creek Fire and the North Complex Fire are burning more than 200 miles away from there but their presence could be felt in the Bay Area. Such a huge impact. Other places such as Salem and Oregon are also experiencing similar apocalyptic glows that is such a scary view.

Erin DeMerritt, Bay Area Air Quality Management District spokeswoman, has told CCN News that the wildfires have caused very massive plumes of smoke raging across California. Because of this, it has led to the longest stretch of unhealthy air quality alerts on record in the Bay Area, with 25 straight days of “Spare the Air” alerts.

Sources: CNN News

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