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Daughters Died From Heatstroke In Car While Mom Goes Drinking In Japan

Takamatsu, Kagawa, a 26-year-old unemployed woman was arrested after left her two daughters aged 6 and 3, in her car while she went drinking resulting death of her daughters.

It said that Maria Takeuchi, the mother, left her daughters Mayuri, 6, and Yurie. 3, in the back seat of the car around 9 pm on September 2 until 12:40 pm the next day. The car was locked with windows fully up, was parked, and left in a shopping district near Kawaramvhi Station.

On the next day, she then returned back to the car and found that her daughters were unconscious. In the afternoon, around 12:40 pm, she called 119. The girls were taken to a hospital where they were pronounced dead. Doctors declared that they died of dehydration due to heatstroke. The meteorological agency stated tat the temperature on September 3 reached 37.2 degrees, but it would have been much higher inside the car.

Takeuchi has remained silent since her arrest but footage from surveillance cameras around the area and the information provided from employees from the bar, she went bar-hopping with a friend while the children were in the car. police are trying to determine why she waited until the afternoon before calling the emergency line.

Source: Japan Today

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