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No Need For Famous Models, These Entrepreneurs Only Use Their Own Dad To Showcase Fashion Collections

It is not easy to start a business and certainly requires effort and money at an early stage. Having creative ideas to market products is also very important because that is how people get to know our brand.

Recently, Twitter user @ashrffanuar shared a picture of his father displaying his merchandise collection. Through the partnership, he said he did not need to hire a model but only used his father as a model for his business.

The partnership caught the attention of netizens and on average said that he was creative because he highlighted his father as a model.

In fact, people are also impressed with the results of the pictures shared and praise the appearance of his father who looks ‘cool’.

For those of you who just want to start a business, maybe you can make yourself a model. May this partnership inspire you to think creatively grow your business.

Sources: Ashraffanuar

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