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5 Ways On How To Survive And Thrive Through The Weakening Ringgit

Money is a very crucial issue to talk about nowadays because there are a lot of people in this world who are having problems managing it especially during this seems to look like never-ending Covid-19 Pandemic situation. There could be some simple things that can be done by everyone that would be helpful for them in a long way financially.

These are 5 important and simple things that can be done to make sure we strengthen our financial status:

1) Cut Off Vacations Abroad

If you are ever planning on going on a trip with your beloved family or even friends, try to avoid having your vacation abroad. This is because traveling abroad might be very fun and enjoyable at the moment but you will definitely regret your decision and thinking about how wasteful you have been later. Going on vacation abroad would surely consume a lot of money in your pocket and you would not be able to stay within the budget for the rest of your days before you got your next paycheck. In addition, a lot of vacation sites in Malaysia nowadays are doing crazy offers so that many people would travel locally. It is such a win-win situation for everyone and money-saving too.

2) Buy Local Products

People usually look and have the mindset that local products are as something that has no quality and cannot be on the same level as the imported products. But, that is completely a nonsense behavior to be done. Local products actually have the same level of quality as most of the imported brands. This is because many local manufacturers also have their own standard to keep up. This definitely makes their products are as good as the imported products. In addition, local products also cost cheaper than imported products because we don’t have to pay the shipping price. That is surely a benefit to shopping local products because we are able to get the same quality at lower price.

3) Cook Your Own Food At Home

Cooking your own meal at home would definitely help to save a lot of your expenses rather than to be eating out. If you ever add up how much have you spend on the food that you have been buying outside, you will be shocked by the total amount that you have used on a daily basis. By cooking your meal at home, you can save up a lot because you can eat the food that you cook for only one time more than one meal in a day. Other than that, home-prepared meal is much healthier compared than the food that you buy outside. Saving money while being healthy.

4) Review Back All Your Subscriptions

Looking back at your fixed subscriptions that you have to pay monthly would be one of the great ideas that you can do to cut off some expenses here and there. Most of the time, the things that you have to pay monthly is something that you even rarely used daily. That is such a waste of your money. You can just unsubscribe one or two subscriptions that you don’t usually use. Try to subscribe to something that is really within your own budget. If you can’t afford it, avoid it at all costs because it will bring such waste and regret if you try to chase what you cant get.

5) Spend Wisely

Spending too much without even thinking about saving is definitely something that you need to avoid when you are leaving paycheck to paycheck. This unwise action can bring you great trouble if there is something unwanted happened all of a sudden. That is why you have to spend your money wisely by cutting off some of your usual expenses per month. For example, on how many times you shopping or even how many times you spend your money on leisure activities such as going to karaoke, watching cinemas, or even traveling locally or abroad.

Sources: iMoney.

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