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Former COVID-19 Patient Reunited With His Doctor, Seeing The Sunset Together Again

Picture: People's Daily

Before this, a heartwarming photo has gone viral across social media. The photo shows an 87-year-old man confirmed to be infected with the COVID-19 virus watching the sunset along with his doctor.

According to a Daily Mail report on April 9, both of them are on their way to undergo a CT scan in Wuhan. On his way to the room to do the CT scan, the doctor asked the man if he wanted to stop for a moment to watch the sunset or not.

Another medical assistant who followed them then took a picture of them while they were enjoying the beautiful moment. The photo then went viral on the internet.

Now, after a month the man is in the hospital, he has been confirmed healthy and discharged from the hospital.

On September 4, the People’s Daily Twitter account stated that the two had been reunited and saw the sunset moments at the same hospital again.

Source: Daily Mail, People’s Daily

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