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Gucci Sells RM3,000 Jeans With ‘Grass Stains’ On The Knees

Jeans are part of the classic style that is suitable to be worn no matter what the occasion. A number of brands have also worked hard to offer their unique options with different designs.

Most recently, Gucci released unique jeans with patterns never thought of by people. It seems to be inspired by daily activities like people go gardening with grass patterns.

These ‘eco wash’ denim pants come with a grass pattern on the thighs and are sold at a price of £ 600 equivalent to RM3,000. The jeans will be launched along with the spring collection later.

Lately, many big brands are producing ‘dirty’ patterns to convince consumers that items that look old or used look stylish. Earlier, Converse also produced ‘dirty’ patterns on their designer shoes and sold them at high prices.

As released by Gucci, the pants feature brown and green patterns, much like new users gardening or playing in the meadow. This design is inspired by the spring where many people spend time outdoors.

Gucci in a statement said that these wide-sized jeans are made of special organic cotton to look like torn and damaged for the spring 2020 collection.


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