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(Video) Take Note Men! These Are 5 Tips On How To Choose Your Jeans Correctly!

Maybe it is a very known fact that jeans are actually a casual style, but when jeans do not fit right you end up looking extra sloppy. Everyone has their own favorite jeans to wear, be it your best pair of skinnies or even your own most comfortable boyfriends. Whatever your style, it is more than likely that you have had your favorite jeans for a while.

For some people out there, just keep on choosing the false type of jeans that are not fit them perfectly. Small differences between sizes, fabrics, measurements, treatment and a host of other factors can make big differences in the way two pairs of jeans look on you. To avoid that from happening, these 5 tips on how to choose jeans correctly.

1) The Waist

Men usually would end up choosing jeans that have a larger size with a bunch of extra fabric sitting around the midsection. Constantly having to pull up your pants is not a great look. You can use a belt to keep it in place, but the bunched-up fabric just looks sloppy. The correct fit will sit close enough that you would not need a belt to hold up your jeans, but you will still be able to comfortably fit two or three fingers inside the waistband.

2) The Rise

We have low rise, medium, and also high-waisted jeans. Low rise is a fashion trend that was popular in the 2000s. The style sits low on the hips. It is not recommended for most men as it makes you appear shorter and your torso unusually long. High rise goes much further up, resting near the navel. For the average man, this style is not recommended either. It can make your torso look weirdly short. But, it can be a great option for men with more weight around the midsection as it helps the large belly appear less prominent. Mid-rise will sit about two inches below the navel and is the most flattering look for most men, especially if you are going to wear your jeans with your shirt tucked in.

3) The Calf

A very tight fit that closely hugs your calves can look a bit feminine. So, unless you are a very thin man, it is highly recommended to skip the skinny jeans. Likewise, having a ton of extra fabric around the calves is not a great look either. So, it is best to avoid the loose fit or bootcut. A straight or tapered cut to the calf will look best on most men.

4) The Length

This is easily one of the most important areas you need to nail on your jeans. Going with a very short length is a look some guys love. Though, it is more of a fashion trend and is not likely to last over time. Many men make the mistake of wearing their jeans way too long. Pools of fabric around your ankles do not do you any favors. And worst, the back of your jeans will start to the fray from being dragged on the ground. The right length will be anywhere from a full break to a no break. The full break is more a traditional look, while no break will be more sleek and streamlined. If your jeans are too long, then you will need to get them hemmed to fit correctly. Or if you want a more rugged look, simply roll up the cuff.

5) The Material

Historically, jeans are made from 100% cotton which honestly you cannot go wrong with. However, if you really want to step up your jeans game, it is highly recommended to check out blends that use 1% to 2% elastane. This gives the fabric a lot more stretch than regular cotton, so you can more comfortably move around in your jeans.

Sources: YouTube Real Men Real Style.

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