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Knows Nothing About K-Pop, A Man Surprised His Sister With Kim Jong-Un-Themed Party

A man named Vitor de Souza from Brazil, knew his sister was a big fan of Korean pop music. But, when it came to her party, he decided to focus more on the ‘Korean’ rather than the ‘pop’.

Vitor recently shared photos and videos from the party, showing the moment his sister walked into her themed birthday party.

Vitor explained on Facebook that he was in charge of decorations for his sister’s 12th birthday party, but that he did not know of any K-pop bands to use as inspiration.

Instead of searching some popular K-pop artists on the internet or even subtly slip the topic of his sister’s favourite musicians into the conversation, Vitor decided to base the party around the ‘most famous Korean that he knew that is North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.

Picture: Unilad

After he had chosen the theme, the older brother quickly filled the room with images of Jong-un. There was a poster of the leader, which had been edited to make him look as if he was wearing a party hat and was surrounded by balloons, as well as cake adorned with several pictures of Jong-un in various poses.

Vitor insisted that his sister ‘loved’ the party, though images of her unimpressed face suggest otherwise on his Facebook.

It can be seen in the video that Vitor appeared to hype up the party before her sister entered the room, making her excited for what she probably thought would be a K-pop-filled event.

In the video, Vitor said, “Here’s the thing, I know you like those Korean singers, only I don’t know it very well, so the theme of your party I made the most famous Korean I know. Okay?”

The 12-year-old laughed so hard as she seeing many faces of Jong-un were revealed, and admitting she was ‘feeling sick’ after having the theme revealed to her.

Picture: Unilad

Source: Unilad, Facebook, YouTube

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