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Pidgin And Creole Really Affect The Spoken Language

Language is such a huge and diverse topic that can talk about. There are many types of languages that have been used in this world for many and many years already. Because of certain activities done by everyone such as migration, trading, and others, some new languages have been created and eventually widely used by many people.


Pidgin can be defined as a simplified language that evolves from the interaction between several groups that do not share any common language among them but they still have to communicate verbally together at some point. The interaction is usually between two groups that have different powers. The group that is less dominant would use words from the language of the more dominant group. Hence, the language from the more dominant group is called the superstrate language while the language from the less dominant group is called the substrate language. The combined language that they used is called pidgin.


1) English & Tok Pisin

“Leg belong you he-all-right gain”

(Your leg will get well again)

2) English & Hawai

“What for Miss, Willis laugh all time? Before Fraulein cry all time”

(Why does Miss Willis often laugh? Fraulein used to always cry)


Creole can be defined as a situation where the pidgin language already has the native speakers. It is better known as the creole language. This type of language is spoken natively by the whole speech community. This process of pidgin turns to creole is called nativization or even creolization. When the languages have become a creole language, it already has organized grammar, verbal systems, and a phase-structures of language.


1) Jamaican Creole (English + Jamaican)

“Unu cya lissen to we mia say!”

(Can’t you listen to what I’m saying)

Pidgin and also Creole would definitely have an effect on how people practice and use the spoken language. These two have help language and also language learning to be more expandable and fun to be learned. People tend to have a different accents when they talk with each other even though they are living at the same place or near each other. Pidgin and creole also help to connect people with different backgrounds and ethnicity together.

Sources: UK Essays, Britannica.

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