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School In Thailand Takes Responsibility For ‘Punishing Student To Death’

In a recent incident, a 13-year-old boy died from punishment after his teacher forced him to do 100 squat jumps for failing to submit his homework even though he has a valid reason for not being able to do his assignments.

On September 4, a day after he had his punishment, the boy fell sick again and went to bed early, however, he did not wake up the next morning. It said that the boy had died while he was sleeping around 3 am from cardiac malfunction. It is unclear about the boy’s condition was he had before he returned to school.

Pramot Eiamsuksai, the 13-year-old boy’s uncle, upload his explanation on Facebook that his nephew had first fallen ill on August 31 and was taken to the hospital before returning to school on September 4. However, the teacher decided to punish him for failing to submit his homework despite being ill.

Following the tragic incident, the school finally contacted the boy’s family, apologized for what happened, and took full responsibility for his death.

It said that there is no announcement on any investigations regarding the teacher’s actions that caused the boy’s death.

Source: The Nation

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