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Spent Some Time With These 7 Cleaning Tips For the Inside of Your Car

It is hard for people who frequently used cars to keep cars consistently clean and smells good. Frequent cleaning of the car can maintain the cleanliness.

For us, it might be easier to send our car to a car wash shop. However, there some simple things that we can do on our own and save our money to clean the inside of our car. Here are seven simple tips that you can easily do to keep your car clean.

1. Clear trash

Take out all the trash that was left inside your car. Check at every corner; on the floor, under the seats, and in the seat cracks. In fact, it is best if you can avoid leaving all those trashes inside the car as it can prevent cockroaches or other insects from getting into your car.

2. Clean floor mats

This is a part where we usually don’t pay much attention. It is not enough with just shaking all the dust or soil from the mats, you can also scrub them with soap and hot water. Clean and let them air dry.

3. Vacuum all parts

Vacuum every part of the vehicle including front and back seats, the floor, and the trunk. Get the nozzle to vacuum areas that are secluded.

4. Wipe away grime

Grab a cloth to wipe the dirt, dust, and sticky stuff that you can see in the car such as the console, and steering wheel. Grimes can be very obvious if we are used to letting people eat in the car.

5. Remove stains

You will be surely annoyed if there are visible stains on the car seats. To remove the stains, you can try mixing two cups of water, one cup of vinegar, and about a tablespoon of dish soap. Spray the solution to places that sore your eyes. Let it sits for 15 minutes and wipe clean with a wet cloth.

6. Get into crevices

Reaching a few places that are secluded can be quite troublesome. You might give up cleaning those places. Worry no more, you can try using a paint stirrer and wrap it with a microfibre cloth at the end of the stirrer. Cleaning secluded areas can be easier by using this hack.

7. Freshen up

Want something to freshen up your car? Mix one cup of baking soda and five drops of your favorite essential oil and seal them in a container for 24 hours. Sprinkle this homemade car freshener on the car’s floor for 20 minutes. Vacuum the baking soda after 20 minutes, and the fresh scent will linger in your car for a longer time.


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