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(Video) A Sumatran Tiger Looks Skinny At A Zoo In Indonesia, Gets The Attention Of Many People

Picture: ndorobeii

Recently, a video showing a tiger with a skinny body in a zoo in Indonesia has gone viral on social media. The tiger was a collection of Maharani Zoo and Caves (Lamongan).

According to a report, the 13-second video saw the tiger walking and showing his thin body as if he was not eating.

The zoo marketing coordinator located in Lamongan Regency confirmed that the animals are indeed in their zoo.

He also explained that the distance between the visitor’s place and the bottom of the tiger enclosure is about eight meters and it makes the tiger look skinny from the visitor’s place.

“So, Sumatran tiger is not as big as other types of tigers, it is slimmer,” he said.

It is believed that the Sumatran Tiger in the video is also around 14 years old. The zoo involved also denied that the tiger looked skinny because it was ignored.

Based on the Detik News, video report, the vet at the zoo said that the tiger’s health condition had improved after being at the zoo.

According to her, the animal is old and because of that, it causes him to lose weight.

Source: Detik News,, ndorobeii

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