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(Video) ‘Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle’ Appears To Float Above China City

Harry Potter has always been our childhood memories. It will be quite rare if there are people who haven’t heard of the story of wizards who went studying in Hogwarts.

There are a lot of Potterheads all over the world where the characters and scenes in the series are embedded in them. They would love to associate events in their life with anything from Harry Potter.

Recently, footage of what seemed to look alike the famous Hogwarts castle went viral in China’s social media site, Weibo. The clip showed that the building appeared to be floating above several buildings in the sky of a city in China.

The viewers instantly can spot the resemblance of the “castle” on the sky with Harry Potter’s castle in the series. It has the same pointed towers as we can see in the movies. Thousands of viewers admitted that the clip showed close similarities with Hogwarts castle.

The video has gained a lot of interest among the Potterheads. They were saying as if Hogwarts has a new branch in China and is recruiting for new students.

The camerawoman, Ms. Su explained how the amazing sight can be visible to the viewers of the clip. She said that it happened because of the reflection on a window of a nearby residential building that features the castle-style towers.


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