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(Video) The Effects Of A Continuous Fire Cause The Skies To Become ‘Red’

Picture: Daily Star

The sky in a small town in Oregon is reported to have turned red like blood as a result of ongoing fires in the province.

Several videos shared on Twitter saw the sky glow red in the city of Stayton. It’s like something in a science fiction movie.

Picture: Christine Pitawanich

Oregon Governor Kate Brown said the incident proved to be an unprecedented fire event and important to the state.

About 200,000 acres of land were burnt as a result of the incident.

Marion County authorities said last Tuesday that a devastating forest fire in Santiam Canyon was started by felling trees that demolished electric power lines and ignited small fires that spread due to strong winds.

Northwest Coordination Center spokeswoman Carrol Connoly said the priority now was to get residents out of the area.

According to a Daily Star report, winds have risen to 50 miles per hour on Tuesday.

Source: Christine Pitawanich, Daily Star

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