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Wikipedia Finally Makeover It’s Interface For The First Time After A Decade

What would be our first choice when we want to know about something? If we make a search on Google, the first result that would come out for most things would be from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has become one of the most trusted sites among us to get knowledge about a certain thing. It is an online encyclopedia where anyone can become a volunteer that contributes contents to the website.

Every user of the site surely recognized how its interface works. It comes in a block of information and users have to scroll through that information to find what they wanted to know. Good news to all Wikipedia users, Wikipedia is going to have a makeover after over a decade.

The Wikimedia Foundation which is the host organization of Wikipedia announced the changes that they are going to make on the site. They said that the changes will be beneficial to the users. It will provide a smoother experience on reading the mass information.

A collapsible sidebar will be its new feature. This feature will allow users to collapse the lengthy menu on the sidebar. Another improvement is the width of the content. Previously, Wikipedia displays the content on the page with a wider width. Introducing a maximum line width will give the users to have a better reading experience and reduce eye strain.

Making changes to the interface of a website could be a bit hard. It would be a hassle to provide the best reading experience that would suit everyone’s preference. Wikimedia said on the website that they will be making the improvements slowly which can take quite a long time.

Source: Wikimedia

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