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Shocking Woman Finds Two Needles Embedded In Her Brain

Zhengzhou, China, a woman who underwent a CT scan after a minor car accident found out that she had two metallic needles embedded deep in her brain.

The 29 years old woman had a CT scan to make sure that there was no damage to her head after involved in a car accident. The scan showed no trauma related to the accident but revealed two needles, approximately 5cm in length and 4.9mm in diameter embedded deep inside her brain. The strange part is, it is reported that the needles didn’t come from the accident, as there was no visible skull or scalp injury, and she had no recollection of any serious head trauma at any point in her life.

Doctors believe that the needles must have been deliberately or accidentally inserted into her head when she was very young. Judging by their diameter, they wouldn’t have been able to pierce a fully developed skull and she has no recollection of any head injury.

Surnamed Zhu, said that she never experienced any pain or unexplainable headaches, and doctors confirmed that because of how thin the needles are and the area of the brain they are inserted, they are unlikely to cause any problems.

It said that the woman had reported the findings from the CT scan to the local police. Reported that she has a suspicion on where the needles came from and how they get into her brain, but she decided not to reveal anything at the moment.

Source: Oddity Central

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