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A Father Suffered A Heart Attack After Trying To Help His Son Solve Mathematical Problems

Picture: Oddity Central

A 45-year-old man in China reportedly suffered a heart attack after feeling very angry while helping his son complete his math homework.

According to Oddity Central, the man has been helping his son complete school work since last month, but in the last two weeks, he began to experience minor symptoms of pain in his chest every time he was upset with his son.

Things started to get worse on Sunday after the man felt very frustrated because he had to repeat the same math question to his son who was difficult to understand to find the answer the third time.

At one point, the father named Liu began to suffer from chest pain and shortness of breath and eventually fainted.

Liu then decided to seek medical treatment at Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital. That’s when he found out he had heart disease.

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, the 45-year-old father collapsed again and began to experience seizures and foaming in his mouth.

He was immediately stabilized and scheduled to undergo various tests to find the cause of his symptoms.

It is understood that part of Liu’s main coronary artery has become clogged, and the problem has caused the blood supply to the heart to be blocked.

The doctor concluded that smoking for years had made Liu’s condition worse, but the heart attack itself was due to stress and being too angry when helping his son do his homework.

They also added that the man came to the hospital at the right time because otherwise, the heart problem he was suffering from could be fatal.

Liu reportedly survived the surgery and is reportedly recovering and is in stable condition at Shenzen hospital.

Source: Oddity Central

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