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Cats Need To Quarantine If Owners Tested Positive For COVID-19 – Scientist

It has been almost a year since the coronavirus pandemic hits the world. We have been trying all sorts of prevention methods to curb the disease. However, positive cases that were recorded in our country are increasing nowadays.

We should be aware of the spike of positive cases in Malaysia. We don’t want the virus to infect us or our community. Unbelievably, you should also be taking care of your pet cats as there are scientists stated that animals can also be affected by the virus from the human.

Scientists in the U.S. have publicly stated that cats should stay inside if their owners were infected with the virus. They should self-isolate as they have the potential of spreading the infection to other cats or wildlife.

To add that up, if the owner has to be admitted to the hospitals due to the virus, the caretaker should also observe social distancing with the cat as if it was a person, said the researchers from Colorado State University in the U.S.

It is reported that cats can infected other cats through direct contact while dogs do not appear to spread the virus. If symptomatic humans follow quarantine procedures properly with their cats, it will low the risk of the virus being infected to other humans from the cats.

However, the U.K government insists that there is no evidence the disease can be transmitted from animals. The Colorado State University team found that the immune system in cats can prevent them from getting ill even though they had been infected by the virus.


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