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IKEA Will Stop Selling ‘ALKALISK’ Battery, Will Be Switching To Rechargeable ‘LADDA’ Battery

IKEA will stop selling non-rechargeable alkaline batteries from its global network by October 2021. With this decision, IKEA hopes customers will switch to a rechargeable battery solution, thus saving money and reducing waste in the long run.

Ever considered how many batteries you use each year? Together we could save you money and reduce the impact on the environment by making a switch to LADDA rechargeable batteries. And it´s practical, too, since you always have batteries at hand when you need them!

The LADDA battery range is a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery that can be recharged up to 500 times. Several comparative studies of Life Cycle Evaluation have revealed that rechargeable NiMH batteries have a lower impact on the environment compared to alkaline batteries, when used in devices with high energy consumption and need to be rechargeable, for example, games, flashlights, portable speakers or camera.

After being charged 10 times, rechargeable NiHM batteries such as the LADDA network sold at IKEA, emit lower greenhouse gases compared to alkaline batteries in supplying the same amount of energy. After being charged about 50 times, the overall impact of NiMH batteries on the environment is equal to or less than the impact on the use of alkaline batteries. Of this figure, about 3.4 million non-rechargeable ALKALISIC battery packs have been sold in nine IKEA stores operating in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

ALKALISK battery sales will be phased out to give suppliers time to prepare, and allow IKEA to sell existing stock.

Sales of these batteries will be discontinued worldwide by October 2021. However, the lithium-ion button battery, PLATTBOJ will be retained in the IKEA network as some applications currently being sold by IKEA require button cell batteries to function.

Sources: EndGadgetIKEA Malaysia

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