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‘Comforting Words’ Included In Brooklyn Pizzeria’s Menu

Ordering pizza at any pizza shop won’t be that easy. Looking at the menu only enough to make us tempting for each and every item.

After choosing for our favorite flavors or toppings, of course, we wouldn’t miss looking at the side dishes and have some add-ons. But what if the add-ons don’t include food, but instead in the form of words?

One pizza shop in Brooklyn, Vinnie’s Pizzeria is offering the customers with comforting words. Yes, comforting words are included in their menus for customers to order.

This pizzeria included the item under the “Positive Reinforcement” section. They recently announced this unique item in their official Twitter account.

Customers can order for comforting words with only US$1, where Vinnie’s delivery person will say the comforting words. In the description on the menu, it is stated that the delivery driver will look at the customer and says “Everything’s gonna be okay and you’re doing the best you can.”

It is a unique way to spread positivity in a community where most people are currently struggling with their life due to the pandemic.

Source: Mashable SE Asia

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