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The 5 Best-Selling MAC Celebrity Collaborations

Make-up Art Cosmetics or better known as M.A.C is a well known Canadian cosmetics manufacturer founded in Toronto in the year of 1984 by Frank Toskan and also Frank Angelo. This particular brand has been used to make a lot of grand collaborations with multiple A-list celebrities. Every collaboration brings such a high profits for them.

These are the top 5 M.A.C Cosmetic celebrity collaborations ever made:

1) Selena

Selena’s collection was the most best-selling M.A.C cosmetic collaboration has ever done. It is easy to see why Selena’s was on top of the list for celebrity collaboration collection of all time because she was so famous back then. Other than being a music icon lost too soon which she has millions of loyal followers that still celebrate her to this very day, the collection itself is gorgeous and a must-have collection for everyone.

2) Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s 2016 collection breaks the record and sold out within 24 hours. This achievement has made her M.A.C cosmetic collection to be the second-highest selling celeb launch in all M·A·C history. This particular collection also has a lot of bejeweled and also bedazzled on its packaging and that would definitely attract people to get this collection for their own use. The pigment for each of the individual pieces for this collection also has a lot of glitters.

3) Rihanna

Rihanna’s collection has been named RiRi Hearts MAC and this was the only celeb collaboration to take on not one, but amazingly three back-to-back seasonal collections and that are Summer, Fall, and also Holiday. Rihanna’s famous RiRi Woo shade from this particular collection is actually a play on the brand’s iconic Ruby Woo color. This Rihanna’s collections also broke the record by being sold out within three hours of the first launch.

4) Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s collection is the most creative collection ever that M.A.C cosmetics ever created. This is because Nicki Minaj could promote her album that is Pink Friday as well when she was being the face of the collaboration. Nicki Minaj personally designed a limited-edition lipstick dubbed “Pink Friday” to celebrate the release of her album of the same name. This is the most pinkish collection ever made too.

5) Cinderella

This collection is made to celebrate the release of the Cinderella movies that were released in the month of March in the year of 2015. Everyone is getting hype with this collection because Cinderella was a really big hit. Because of it, this collaboration is famous for undergoing one of the prettiest makeovers in Disney history and also in MAC line.

Sources: Bustle.

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