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“What Floor Is This?” Owner Relieved Getting Aid In A Form of Brand New Home

Recently, there have been few viral images of a deteriorating wooden house that only uses the cold hard ground as the floor. Even though they have a really limited amount of space for their house and even the wall of their toilet is made of canvas, the owner of the house received a lot of compliments from the netizens because of the cleanliness and also the tidiness of their home sweet home.

Because of their poor lifestyle, one particular volunteer named Natipah Abu has decided to collect some funds to help upgrade the condition of the house. As a result of the collection made, a new home that is more comfortable for the family has been made.

Let us follow the transformation of the house through the posting shared by a Facebook user named Natipah Abu on her Facebook social media platform.

When we shared about this house’s kitchen that has dirt used as the floor on the date 14th of August 2020, the aim was to finish only the kitchen area. But, who would have thought that the sustenance that Allah has arranged for the owner of this house, we are approached by a Servant of God who really wants to visit the house himself.

During the visit to the house, we also explained to the man about our goal to complete the kitchen as it is. Stepping into the living room of the house, our feet stepped on the soft floor. The floor looked perfect insight .. as if the cement floor was covered with rubber mats but strangely when stepped on, it was soft and our feet seemed to sink.

“What floor is this?”

“This is sand mixed with cement. Lots of sand indeed. We don’t have the money to make a cement floor so we do this. On this floor, we covered it with a sack of steel on it.. then we just put this rubber mat”.

We become speechless for a moment. This young couple is willing to seek inspiration to give comfort for their four children even in a state of inability.

“I will bear all the costs for this living room. I want to install tiles”.

The man suddenly spoke while looking at the carpenter who was with him. His instructions were clear.

“For real!”

“Yes, that is correct. Ms. Pah made the kitchen. I will do the rest. I bear it”.

Amazed by the decision, the good news was received with gratitude by the owner of the house. How beautiful is God’s plan? The three of us never knew between each other. We have never met before but because of their sustenance, we worked together to complete the house.

“Why are you helping these people so much. It is better if you help other people too. There are still many people that need your help”.

Those are the words we received when the construction work of this house began. As a result… we stick to our contract, to prepare the kitchen. The other came from the man who really wanted to help the family. What is our right to prevent and question about the sustenance that Allah has sent for them? When we convey the cynical words uttered towards the man, the answer is,

“I like people who are clean. If we share our sustenance with people like this, they will appreciate and take good care of what we have given them. Hopefully, with this new house, they will increase their piety to Allah. This is my charity for both of my late father and also my mother”.

This particular man who is over 50 years old said. He who is also a businessman comes from the same district as the location of this house, Baling.

“True. This house went viral due to the incredible cleanliness of the homeowners and has opened the hearts of many readers to be grateful for everything that is in front of our eyes and what we have today”.

Construction work, which began on Monday, the 17th of August, was completed and the house was fully completed on Saturday, the 10th of October. To all the contributors of Natipah Abu’s FB Friday Charity slot, may we continue to stay together in search of mercy and blessings of life, riding prayers from the needy people out there. Thanks to all the contributors.

These are the images of the house transformation:

1) Bedroom



2) Kitchen



3) Toilet 

Before (behind the canvas)


4) Outside Of The House



Sources: Facebook Natipah Abu, Facebook Siakap Keli.

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