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Man Faking His Own Kidnapping, Making It As An Excuse Not To Go To Work

Going to work sometimes feels like going to battle. We find ourselves glued to bed one morning and tempted to call in sick. But a young man in Arizona got into trouble by faking his own kidnapping to avoid going to work.

February 10 in Coolidge, the man who is 19 years old was found by a police dispatch, bound and abandoned by the road. He told the police he had been assaulted and kidnapped by two masked men who hit him and then drove him around before dumping him where he was found.

Sounds tragic except it’s entirely fictional.

The police said, “First, the subject informed the police that two masked men kidnapped him, struck him in the head, and took him to a vehicle before leaving him in the area where it was found.”

Picture: DailyMail

After a thorough investigation, they found that his story was completely made up and there was no kidnapping or assault.

The ‘victim’ claimed that the kidnappers were after his father’s hidden money but there was no evidence leading to that. They found surveillance footage contradicting most of his statements. He finally confessed that he wanted to skip work desperately that day. He used his leather belt to tie his hands behind his back. Then, he dropped on the roadside and waiting for someone to ‘rescue’ him.

The young man claimed that his kidnappers were after some money that his father had hidden around town, but police found no evidence of that. The surveillance footage they checked also contradicted most of his statements, and after confronting him about it, the 19-year-old admitted that he had made the whole thing up.

He was arrested on February 17 for filing false reports and has been terminated from his employment.

Source: Oddity Central

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