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“We Will Always Miss Fluffy…” Owner Confirms ‘Fluffy The Rider’ Dies

In recent years, many Malaysians must have known a cute cat named Fluffy with its habit of riding a motorcycle with its owner.

However, the sad news was announced by the owner yesterday through a post on the Fluffy Empire Facebook page. The owner announced that the 7-year-old cat had died.

“Assalamualaikum all followers of Fluffy Empire…with a sad feeling, we want to inform you, Fluffy is gone. This year Fluffy is 7 years old. For 7 years, Fluffy has many memories with us,” said the owner.

The cause of Fluffy’s death could not be identified. According to the owner, Fluffy suddenly had eye pain and then a watery mouth until yesterday where the cat had died.

“Pray for us to be strong. We will always miss Fluffy. ‘Fluffy The Rider’ in memory …,” added the owner.

Fluffy had previously become famous on social media over the past few years for riding a motorcycle by being on the shoulders of its owner, without fear of the environment or the public.

Source: Fluffy Empire

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